Mineral Technologies, Factory Hazardous Area Design

ES carried out the asssessment and classification of spirals manufacturing facility in relation to explosive atmospheres resulting from spraying, casting and storage of hazardous substances. After classifying the facility we established a number of controls including design / implementation of gas monitoring system.

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Cristal Mining, Gingko Fault Study/Protection & Coordination & Arc Flash Study

To address the requirement in AS3007 for mitigating Arc Flash hazards Engenuity Solutions conducted an Arc Flash Study of HV & LV boards at Cristal Mining’s Gingko mine. To effectively conduct the study we co-ordinated the development of a SKM PTW model which we used to conduct a Fault Study and Protection Coordination Study.

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Brisbane Airport Corporation, HV Audit

Engenuity Solutions inspected and reported on almost 200 substations across the BAC HV network. Our brief was to provide assessment of existing assets (in terms of condition, compliance and safety), recommend and prioritise immediate remedial actions, end of life cycle replacements and upgrades, as well as provide guidance on maintenance strategies, safety procedures and policies.

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Solar Design Certifications & Commissioning

Engenuity Solutions have designed and certified solar installations for a range of commercial and industrial clients, including commissioning and testing the system where required. Recently we have just finished commissioning a 300kW system for Special Equipment in Brisbane.

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Samancor, Chrome Processing Plant

Engenuity Solutions provided the design and execution of the electrical systems for four customised modular chrome processing plants at Samancor’s Doornbusch, Tweefontein, Millsell and Mooi Nooi operations in South Africa.

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NSW Government Circulate Program

Engenuity Solutions, in partnership with zeRRRo, is using circular economy principles to connect manufacturers and business with ‘excess’ resources to collectors and processors with a view to keeping such resources in the active economy.

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