Working at Engenuity Solutions

My name is Rodrigo Goren, I am from Chile and 4 months ago I started working at Engenuity Solutions. In this post, I would like to share what my experience has been like working with the Engenuity team so far. Moreover, I want to tell you why I am convinced that this company is an oasis of knowledge, personal and professional development for engineers. 

A quick timeline:

  • I grew up in the north of Chile, in a small city called Arica, known for its good weather and its wide coastline. In 2010 I moved to Santiago to go to university, due to the centralisation of the country, good universities with good contact networks are in the capital. 
  • In 2016 I graduated as an Electrical Engineer. After working for a while, I moved to Hamburg, Germany. After living there for about a year I realised that cold climate and big cities were not for me, and that living in a place with a warm, calm climate and near the sea were fundamental for my happiness, so I eventually left the country.  
  • I worked for about a year and a half as an engineer in Santiago while saving money. In May 2019 I took my backpack and left to travel for a while, and at the end of November of that same year I arrived in the Gold Coast. 
  • This April I was offered an Electrical Engineer position at Engenuity Solutions. 

My first week at Engenuity Solutions was intense, full of learning and new experiences. On my first day I did the necessary inductions to go to a job site and on the second day I traveled with Lachlan St. Pierre to Melbourne where we met with JD Lyons and Sjors Schoof with the purpose of commissioning the Maestro System, a solar management device developed by Engenuity. Sjors and Lachie taught me what the commissioning process consisted of. During this experience I was impressed to observe the level of technical knowledge that Lachlan and Sjors had with only a couple of years of experience in the industry. However, as I returned to the office and spent more time with the rest of the team, I realized that this was not a surprise but rather a product of a well-built organization. 

The work culture at Engenuity Solutions is unique as the administrative part of the company has done an impeccable job in building a work organisation that facilitates the transfer of knowledge from senior engineers to graduate engineers. Since working here, I have never felt uncomfortable about my learning process as the company assists everyone to get on the same level of knowledge in areas that are fundamental for our job. One example is our Lunch N ‘Learn sessions where a senior engineer goes through content with the graduates. Furthermore, everyone in the team has a great disposition to help each other and answer any questions that can help a graduate grow as a professional.  

Having someone open-minded like Tom Lawson as general manager allows the company to have meetings such as Lunch N’ Learn. Beyond that, a leadership of this type builds a company where teamwork and mutual support is the norm. To be able to participate in a company that handles projects with amusement parks, solar plants, energy storage systems and sometimes even the development of state-of-the-art technology such as the artificial wave for Surf Lakes is something that fills me with joy and pride.  

It truly feels like Engenuity focuses on what’s important: cultivating a good and healthy work environment, creating a space for personal and professional growth, and a work-life-balance.  

– Rodrigo, Electrical Engineer.