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Gold Coast engineering firm finalises technology behind world-first wave machine

Engenuity Solutions, the engineering firm behind a major surf park development, has finalised an innovative world-first wave machine which is now ready for commercial production.

The technology was commissioned by Surf Lakes, an Australian company spearheading the project, and concludes years of development and testing of a full scale prototype in Yeppoon.

The facility was built by Surf Lakes to refine the wave machine as well as provide demonstrations to potential licensees.

Engenuity Solutions’ managing director, Dr Chris Hawley, said his company has spent five years driving the research and development and three years designing and building the facility.

“We’re extremely proud of our achievement to help produce what is a world first and the only one of its kind in the artificial wave space,” he said.

“What we’ve designed produces waves from the centre of a body of water where they radiate outwards towards the shoreline, just like when you drop a rock in a pond.

“It’s called 5 WAVES because of its ability to create five separate and distinct levels of waves at the same time and will be attractive to potential surf park operators as it will allow a much larger number of people to be surfing in the park at the same time.”

The prototype has already generated over 300 enquiries regarding licensing the technology from Surf Lakes, resulting in the signing of multiple Heads of Agreement and first contracts.

Prototype development

Engenuity Solutions has now been tasked with turning the prototype into a commercial reality.

“We need to ensure the wave machine can deliver hundreds-of-millions of waves every year for decades for people to enjoy, and for surf park owners to confidently build businesses and developments around,” Dr Hawley said.

“The data from the prototype testing is also being used to optimise the performance of the machine further, ensure ease of construction, improve power efficiencies and bring the highest standard of safety in design to every element. 

“Our long standing partners, Aspec Engineering, are also completing the redesign of the structural and civil elements of the machine.”

The technology is being targeted at property developers and existing water or theme park operators globally.