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With production costs ever on the rise, it is essential to understand and manage how value is added in your process.


High labour rates and power costs necessitate processes that pay close attention to cost, in order to maintain margins that make your operation competitive. Well organised processes are safer processes. Attention to detail, and the ability to analyse key dada affords understanding of where errors can occur which could compromise both quality of product and the safety of your employees.

Engenuity Solutions brings together a team with extensive experience in process design, improvement and optimisation. Our team has instrumentation, control system and mechanical expertise combined with a knowledge of processes in industries such mining, manufacturing, materials handling and steel. We have the capabilities to analyse your process and apply LEAN and continuous improvement methodologies, then develop robust engineered and organisational strategies to help drive change.

We want you to be able to help you get the most out of your process and combine the best in sound technical knowledge, operational experience, innovative thinking and customised software to achieve that end.

Our mission is to provide you with the benefit of our experience, innovative solutions, and value for money. We want you to have an engineering experience that will more than meet your requirements. We will achieve this through attention to detail, personal service, and the application of sound engineering principles.


New Energy Maestro control system to achieve further savings

Designed to maxmise the environmental and economic benefits of solar power at GemLife Highfields, Engenuity’s innovative solar solution is reducing power-grid energy consumption and power costs at the over-50s lifestyle resort and for its residents. GemLife Highfields...

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