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Shrinking budgets, a more knowledgeable and demanding public, and a sharper political focus are all requiring that our ageing infrastructure assets be better managed.

This requires knowledge about the condition and value of assets, and that maintenance and asset renewal is properly planned and cost effectively implemented.

Engenuity Solutions have been involved in many asset management projects, and can assist you in returning the maximum from your infrastructure investment. We can also assist with the collection and interpretation of asset management data.

“Our aim is to assist our clients to enhance and own THEIR systems, not sell them one of our own.”

More importantly, we have the experience and the resources to assist in the integration of your various asset management systems and the establishment and maintenance of the necessary components to protect you from frivolous liability claims. Our staff include NAMS Plus certified Asset Management practitioners.

As always, our aim is to assist our clients to enhance and own THEIR systems, not sell them one of our own that in all probability won’t do the job required. We provide solutions, not sell software.

Our mission is to provide you with the benefit of our experience, innovative solutions, and value for money. We want you to have an engineering experience that will more than meet your requirements. We will achieve this through attention to detail, personal service, and the application of sound engineering principles.


New Energy Maestro control system to achieve further savings

Designed to maxmise the environmental and economic benefits of solar power at GemLife Highfields, Engenuity’s innovative solar solution is reducing power-grid energy consumption and power costs at the over-50s lifestyle resort and for its residents. GemLife Highfields...

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