Village Roadshow Theme Park Safety Cases

Location: QLD, Australia

Client: Village Roadshow Theme Parks 

Duration: 1 year

Industries / Markets:

  • Recreation & Leisure 

Services / Expertise: 

  • Electrical Design
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Power Systems
  • Modelling/Studies
  • Certified Engineers (VIC, NZ, PNG, QLD)  
  • Auditing & Compliance 


In meeting the revised licence requirements for Queensland amusement park operators, VRTP required 32 electrical safety cases to be completed for all existing amusement rides across three (3) amusement parks. 

Our Role: 

Each unique electrical safety case required Engenuity to conduct inspections, assess electrical safety compliance, conduct power system analysis and electrical risk assessments. 

Key Outcomes:

In addition to successfully meeting VRTP’s licensing requirements, Engenuity were also able to provide: 

  • The information and analysis required to inform future maintenance, design and operation strategies. 
  • A comprehensive power system model of the theme parks. 
  • Detailed drawings of the electrical infrastructure to inform safety procedures and electrical works. 
  • RPEQ electrical engineering design solutions.