Energy Qld Annual Electrical Entity Audit

Location: QLD, Australia

Client: QRMC / Energy QLD

Duration: 3 months

Expertise: ESO Accredited Auditor

Services: Auditing & Compliance



As a prescribed electrical entity, Energy Qld is required by the ESO to have an accredited auditor perform an annual audit to ensure that the organisation is giving effect to their certified electrical safety management system.  

Our Role: 

As a joint nominee on QRMC’s ESO accredited auditor license, this audit was undertaken as a team. Engenuity bringing the depth of technical experience to combine with QRMC’s expertise in risk and safety systems. 

Key Outcomes:

2023 is the 3rd year in a row that Energy Qld has invited this audit team to conduct their annual audit. The audit process includes review of documentation, stakeholder interviews and in-field verification across the state to not only ensure compliance but also contribute recommendations for ongoing improvement to electrical safety across the business.