Iluka Euston

Location: NSW, Australia

Client: IHC Mining / Iluka Euston

Duration: 6 months / years

Industries / Markets:

  • Mining & Mineral Processing
  • Processing
  • Infrastructure 
  • Bulk Materials Handling

Services / Expertise: 

  • Electrical Design
  • Power Systems
  • Modelling/Studies 
  • Control Systems & Automation
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Earthing Design 
  • High Voltage Engineering 
  • Instrumentation 


Iluka are expanding their portfolio of critical minerals mine sites, including the Euston project, which is comprised of five separate deposits containing zircon, titanium feedstocks and rare earths spread out over 62 km. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2026, with commissioning expected to follow in 2028. 

Our Role: 

Engenuity and IHC Mining collaborated to conduct a pre-feasibility study that included electrical, instrumentation and control systems design. The study aimed to identify options to establish a new mineral sands processing plant and evaluate options for implementing fixed and mobile plant. 

Key Outcomes:

  • Study provided three (3) different options for comparison, including fixed plant vs mobile plant. 
  • Provision of capital and operational expenditure estimate to an accuracy of -15% to +30%.