Holcim Arc Flash Studies

Location: QLD & SA, Australia

Client: Holcim Australia

Duration: 3 months

Industries / Markets:

  • Concrete
  • Quarry 
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Mining & Mineral Processing

Services / Expertise:

  • Power Systems Modelling / Studies 
  • Certified Engineers (VIC, NZ, PNG, QLD)  


As part of Holcim’s electrical safety management system, they require periodic electrical safety audits of their plants. Based on the findings of the audits, arc flash studies were recommended to determine and mitigate the arc flash hazard level present at the switchboards on site. 

Our Role: 

Engenuity currently conducts electrical safety audits for Holcim’s plants across Australia. Engenuity identified an opportunity for improvement during these audits by determining the arc flash hazard level on site. Holcim engaged Engenuity to complete these arc flash studies. 

Key Outcomes:

The arc flash studies provided Holcim with precise information about the arc flash hazard level present at their plant’s switchboards, the PPE requirements to safely operate the switchboards and potential mitigation methods to improve safety on site.