GCWA Infrastructure Upgrades

Location: QLD, Australia

Client: GCWA / TEW

Duration: 2 years

Industries / Markets:

  • Commercial


  • Electrical Design
  • Earthing Design
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Power Systems
  • Modelling
  • High Voltage Engineering 




Gold Coast Water Authority had two projects for infrastructure upgrades, these being a HV switchboard replacement and a transformer/LV switchboard replacement.  

TEW Solutions was awarded the contract and engaged Engenuity to provide detailed design services to complement their installation.  

Our Role: 

Engenuity provided full high and low voltage system design and associated power system analysis to ensure appropriate equipment was sourced & designed to match GCWA’s needs. 

Key Outcomes:

Engenuity was able to work closely with TEW to ensure a high-quality replacement HV switchboard was supplied that met the requirements of GCWA. 

Additionally, Engenuity was able to size the transformer and LV switchboard replacements to not only meet the existing requirements, but to allow for future expansion as per The Spit Master Plan. This gives both GCWA and the Gold Coast City Council confidence that the new electrical infrastructure will support their needs for years to come.