Electrical Safety Management System

Location: QLD, NSW, WA & Victoria, Australia

Client: Austrak

Duration: 2 months

Industries / Markets:

  • Commercial

Services / Expertise:

  • Auditing & Compliance


As part of Austrak’s ongoing commitment to a high standard of electrical safety, Engenuity were invited to audit Austrak’s production sites. From these audits, the opportunity for a unified Electrical Safety Management System (ESMS) was identified. 

Our Role: 

Engenuity were engaged to provide the comprehensive technical understanding of electrical safety and experienced electrical auditors necessary to inform an effective ESMS. The key deliverables required were an Electrical Safety Policy, Electrical Safety Management Plan and electrical procedure checklists and policies. 

Key Outcomes:

Applying learnings from the audit process and working collaboratively with Austrak, Engenuity ensured that the ESMS was practical and relevant to Austrak’s facilities while ensuring compliance across multiple state legislative requirements.