Electrical Safety Incident Investigation

Location: QLD, Australia

Client: Powerlink

Duration: 6 weeks


  • Government


  • Auditing & Compliance


Following an electrical incident at a Powerlink owned site, an end-to-end investigation was requested to review the electrical installation, systems and procedures and the overall operational asset management. The investigation included verification against the Electrical Safety Act, the Electrical Safety Regulation and the Australian Wiring Rules standard (AS/NZS 3000). 

Our Role: 

Engenuity was engaged to complete a technical investigation including reviewing the engineering arrangements, work coordination, contractor management and the potential for the same situation to occur at other sites. 

Key Outcomes:

The services provided by Engenuity allowed Powerlink to verify the site safety and ensure compliance. Engenuity produced an in-depth report and provided technical insight to improve safety across all relevant sites.